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Traital S.r.l.

Eliot system - Accurate localisation and identification of underground services

Eliot is the first system consisting of a detector and markers to be buried working at 100% with the RFID technology. This has considerable advantages compared to traditional systems. The Eliot markers are completely passive, insensitive to stray currents and water. They don’t interfere with each other. Eliot Markers can be detected in any environmental condition at a maximum depth of 1.5m and with an accuracy of 2cm on the plane. Data can be read and written to the markers.

Traital S.r.l.

Arpol NEO

Arpol NEO are the new repairing/joining couplings completely in stainless steel and with an active rubber gasket system. Only 22 different models can cover all types of pipes from DN50 to DN400. PN16 from DN50 to DN250 and PN10 up to DN400. Arpol collars feature a highly flexible chassis for a perfect adherence to the pipe, standard HEX hexagonal bolts and a lighter design for easier mounting.

Traital S.r.l.

Hawido - Automatic regulating valves

Hawido's automatic control valves can meet any of your water pressure and flow regulation needs. PSV, PRV, float or electronically controlled valves: Hawido will always provide a customised solution. All the external components (pilot, orifice, filter, optical indicator) are made of stainless steel. Hawido valves are synonymous with reliability, functionality, durability and quality.

Mario Cirino Pomicino S.p.A.


Polypropylene syphon to be coupled with gully tops. It consists of a tank with a central opening and a bell opposed to the tank, the two parts are linked by a bar. It prevents the return of unpleasant odours and fumes from the sewer It avoids the fall of debris by avoiding the occlusion and facilitates the maintenance and the cleaning It performs an anti-rat function by the mean of a special shape that do not obstruct the water flow It has a contained height for easy use in extreme cases.

Mario Cirino Pomicino S.p.A.


The manhole covers Quadro Ermetici (B125-C250-D400) are the evolution of latest Leonardo series to which an automatic locking device has been added to secure the cover into the frame. Features: Frame with "U" shaped internal seat Holes on frame to fix the frame with anchor bolts – for D400 class only Cover, with suitably shaped surface for the complete water runoff Locking system operated by a simple lever Limited access to the manhole for child safety according to EN124.

Mario Cirino Pomicino S.p.A.


The MCP SPA presents a new urban furnishing catalogue, with a wide range of lampposts in steel and cast iron with height up to 9 meters. Lampposts are constituted by: Base made of GJL 200 cast iron fusion with inspection door. Tapered shaft in different progressive diameters, made of hot dip galvanized steel (S 235 JR) pipes according to EN1461, cast iron decorations covering the taperings. Two arms lighting body made of aluminium with LED lamp. All parts are fixed by stainless steel pins.

Link Industries S.p.A. con Socio Unico

Pipe section: functional, efficient and naturally advantageous

We are pleased to present the ideal product to increase the efficiency and durability of industrial plants as well as to achieve a correct thermal insulation of pipes at high temperature or pipes for heating the sanitary water indicated to minimize the consumption of energy maximizing the real life of the plant: ROCCIA PAROC WOOL CUPS, made with a natural and environmentally friendly material, high performance

Link Industries S.p.A. con Socio Unico

Bright, durable and performing : hot galvanized!

The use of hot galvanized drainage products is actually a common practice given to easy installation and safety offered by this solution. Hot galvanizing, in fact, gives a chemical-metallurgical interpenetration between steel and zinc able to resist at the corrosion and mechanical stress. The quality of coating is always parameterised according to various installation factors. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us!

Link Industries S.p.A. con Socio Unico

Welder multiprocess most advanced on market

The market requires specific and performing products, technical expertise and experience, Link responds with X8 MIG, the most advanced multi-process welding machine on the market. X8 MIG covers everything from MIG / MAG welding to electrode, to MIG brazing, plating and gouging. Extreme performance, usability and always correct parameters are always promises in accordance with the needs of each water sector: civil, industrial and agricultural.

Apkappa S.r.l.

SSMAQ-RL, thousands of meters remotely managed with NB-IoT

More than 60,000 meters will be remotely managed via the NB-IoT cellular network by the APKAPPA SMAQ solution by the end of the first quarter of 2019. Thanks to the SMAQ-RL radiologger, combined with the single meter, the water manager obtains the reading data directly in its CRM-Billing system without any on-site activity but exploiting the standard cellular network. With SMAQ-RL, the water manager can also obtain useful data for identifying any water leaks and / or tampering.

Apkappa S.r.l.

APKAPPA and Vodafone present smart water metering on the NB-IoT cellular network

After the agreement announced to the press on 2nd October, which seals a long collaboration for the development of applications on NB-IoT cellular network between APKAPPA and Vodafone, in the H2O program APKAPPA presents the SMAQ solution, currently unique in the market to allow control and monitoring of water meters with NB-IoT cellular network. The state of the art of the NB-IoT network at national level by Vodafone itself will also be highlighted. 18th oct 11.30-12.30 room H20 hall 18

Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A.

We are Kiwa, multinational TIC company

Kiwa, one of the global leader in TIC, provides a wide range of services for the water sector to ensure a safe and qualitative supply of water that can be used in industrial and domestic drinking water installations. Kiwa, with its accredited laboratories in different European countries, supports organizations to offer the market products with internationally recognized quality and safety. You can find us at the stand C10 in the pavilion 21, we wait for you to create a solid collaboration.

Lacroix Sofrel S.r.l.


In a context in which cybersecurity is becoming a fundamental concern, LACROIX Sofrel launches the new S4W ecosystem at H2O. The new platform incorporates a very high level of protection and security: user authentication and connected systems, communications encryption, electronic certificates, access traceability, software signature. Sofrel S4W meets the needs of permanently connected water networks, a 4.0 telemanagement solution accompanied by strong security requirements.

Lacroix Sofrel S.r.l.

A new generation of data loggers to improve the performance of water networks

Lacroix Sofrel presents the new range of LX Data Loggers: born for water networks, the 8 data loggers in the range are distinguished in: SOFREL LS for drinking water and SOFREL LT for wastewater. Combining performance, robustness, simplicity and durability, the SOFREL LX range is part of the transformation to intelligent water networks, allowing to optimize the management and performance of networks, control emissions in the environment to enter a vision of smart city.

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