Is the event open only to professionals or also to the public?

What are the opening and closing hours for exhibitors? And for visitors?

Will I be eligible to receive free invitation tickets as an exhibitor registered at ACCADUEO?

What are the days and hours for setting up and dismantling?

If I booked a prefurnished stand, when will it be delivered?

Where and when can I collect the exhibitor badges and parking permit?

How many exhibitor badges and parking passes will I be entitled to?

Can I dismantle my stand on the last day of the show?

Are passes needed to enter the exhibition centre in the set up and dismantling phases?

Will there be a Wi-Fi connection on the stand?

How do I request any additional services for my stand?

If I booked a raw area but I purchase additional services from your supplier (floor carpeting, shelves, etc…) will I find them on-site?

Can I borrow a forklift if I need it?