The Show


For 30 years, H2O has been the leading event for the water industry in Italy and around the globe. Due to its impressive growth, the event was transferred from Ferrara to Bologna a few years ago. H2O is the perfect place to meet water industry professionals and discuss just about any industry-related topic.


Digitalization and the green transition, cornerstones of Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan, will guide the programme, focusing on environmental issues such as treatment, reuse and wastewater, sludge, maintenance, the management of water mains and infrastructure, agriculture, irrigation, hydrogeological instability, and so much more. The concepts of sustainability and the circular economy will be reinforced thanks to the input of a broad panel of experts that will address these topics as they relate to new business models.


For this and many other reasons, participation in this edition of H2O is both strategic and essential not only due to the event being relaunched with new pavilions, a new layout and a fresh perspective as we exit the pandemic, but also to the fact that the timing is particularly advantageous for the industry's broad range of stakeholders. The industry’s finest will be in Bologna to discuss the wealth that can be created through the introduction of new technology and the enlightened vision of utility providers that are increasingly committed to positive change, digitizing internal and external processes, and leveraging the infinite creativity that defines the world of research with a new capacity for dialogue with businesses and institutions.


The intense programme of round tables and presentations by spokesmen and women of national and international importance that will be hosted in Bologna speaks volumes about the changes taking place in the industry. A quick scroll through the programme is enough to see that in Bologna it will be possible to systematize cooperation like never before, providing a model also for other sectors covered by the same trade fair.


The exhibition platform of BolognaFiere dedicated to water and natural gas (H2O and CH4) has been enhanced, with regard to highly specialized supply chains, thanks to a collaboration agreement with Mirumir and In Fieri, for the ConferenzaGNL, HESE and Dronitaly, FUELS MOBILITY events.


Therefore, the focus on environmental topics and the proactive management of green and digital transition processes make Emilia-Romagna and Bologna the perfect location for an even broader, more integrated vision of all the aspects that regard water and energy.