The future of water revolves around digitization

MARCH 2018

Water epitomizes the key issues the world faces in its search for an innovative path of economic and social development. One difficult equation must be solved: how to respond to a growing demand for resources while ensuring sustainable growth, particularly in the struggle against global climate change. Over 40% of the world population still lives in conditions of water stress today, and the demand for water is destined to grow by over 55% in the next few years.


For Schneider Electric, the key factor to solve this equation positively is technology, which has reached such a level of maturity today to permit the development of more accessible, more effective solutions to conserve water resources, ensuring quality and efficient, intelligent and less costly management.


Today, through the technologies of the Industrial Internet of Things, an unprecedented amount of data can be collected, analyzed, and utilized with a view to continuous improvement of operating and business processes: data, transformed into information readily available for decision-making, is the key to a revolution that could generate innovative solutions to the typical problems of the sector, from leakage management to infrastructure maintenance, providing a better service to the public, and acting to improve efficiency in a sector that accounts for 8% of global energy consumption.


With a combination of Internet of Things “in the field”, an innovative capacity of peripheral control that permits real-time monitoring of network status, analytics, and cloud applications, utilities can implement predictive modes of network management and operation, recognizing and anticipating potential problems and acting faster thanks to instruments that can be fully utilized even remotely.


For Schneider Electric, all this is summarized in EcoStruxure: an integrated approach consisting of a platform and system architecture enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things, open and based on standards with which the company offers the sector an end-to-end proposal including solutions, products, and services designed to be reliable, safe, legally compliant, high performing, and cost efficient. This proposal embodies the vision of Schneider Electric for an increasingly connected, efficient, and sustainable future for the water sector.


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