H2O Industry

The show offering space to all suppliers and producers of technologies, treatment systems, equipment, and services dedicated to the management of water in industry.


The water sector continues to be of great interest to the industrial world and, above all, of vital environmental importance. Of the 33.7 billion cubic meters of fresh water drawn from the environment, the production sector is the largest user, according to a report prepared by Politecnico di Milano: «Water Management Report», January 2018. «Agriculture is the sector that draws the most water, around 50.45%, but makes marginal use of the water network and has the lowest energy consumption. The industrial sector draws 22.85% and is based primarily on dedicated drawing systems»*


Attention is growing on many sectors, so technologies, innovation, investments, management systems, and best practices are issues that must be treated from an integrated standpoint. This is an opportunity for dialogue and discussion on transverse and specific topics such as the industrial, agricultural, and chemical sectors, along with the integrated water cycle of the civil sector.


From water as a common asset to industrial vision; values complementary, not contradictory

Key elements of presentation and venues for discussion will be the thematic focuses on

  • Innovation
  • Digitalization
  • Internationalization
  • H2O Industry – best practices


Seminars, presentations and business opportunities also in areas organized by companies and institutions, particularly:

  • IWS meeting area



* Politecnico di Milano, «Water management Report», January 2018 – p. 7-8


Agro industry and livestock farming are two of the sectors most interested in looking for the best water treatment and recovery technologies at H2O Industry.

These highly water-intensive industries are obliged to undertake expensive purification treatments of their wastewater streams given that they process materials (e.g. meat, excreta, foodstuffs) that produce by-products and waste with high concentrations of nutrients. The business areas concerned include meat processing facilities (slaughterhouses, sausage factories, etc.), dairies, oil production facilities, fruit and vegetable processing plants, distilleries and livestock farms (pigs, cattle, poultry).

H2O INDUSTRY will offer industry players a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, obtain information and attend educational events and will feature a programme of specialist conferences and seminars focusing on technical and scientific issues. These will include an important initiative aimed at the agro-industry organised in collaboration with ENEA and the Order of Chemists. 

will discuss principles of the circular economy applied to the manufacturing and agricultural sectors with a special focus on rationalisation of material and water flows. These include savings-oriented interventions, reuse and above all recovery of specific elements (e.g. nutrients such as N and P) contained in the production process streams with a view to recycling them inside or outside the company and adopting closed operating cycles aimed at achieving net savings of raw materials.

The Order of Chemists will provide an up-to-date overview of the potential for industrial wastewater treatment, focusing on the technologies and methods used by public and private entities for the collection, treatment, recovery and recording of these discharges. For this purpose, it will discuss management experiences on the part of both public and private entities and will analyse the most topical and significant applications presented by universities, SSICA, ARPAE, CRPA and private laboratories.



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