ACQUADUEO 2018 revolves around five focal points:


Innovation, Internationalization, Digital, Industry and Network Maintenance to create areas of study in which exhibitors and visitors can find a meeting point between the demand for know-how and the supply of technology.


Innovation is the new feature this year, to draw attention to new technologies, essential for achieving sufficient development of the water networks and the industrial water management systems.  As a service to exhibitors to enhance their technological innovation and publicize their new features to an audience of business operators and the scientific and institutional communities, ACCADUEO is publishing the traditional New Features and Innovations Guide and the H2O Award.


The event focuses even more on Internationalization with networking opportunities for exhibitors, enabling them to confer with foreign experts and designers, companies and utilities.  The crown jewel is the IWA conference organized by WaterIdeas in conjunction with ACCADUEO.


From the viewpoint of Industry 4.0, ACCADUEO launches the Digital initiative, where digitization technologies are highlighted as the foundation for development in the water and gas sectors.


With Industry, the event reserves a space for the exchange of experience and best practices related to the consumption and treatment of industrial water. An opportunity to present the most innovative solutions for managing water resources in all those sectors that use water heavily in their processes, such as the chemical, energy, food, and paper industries.


There is also a historical focus on Maintenance, where companies, experts and management companies can present their best technologies for the maintenance and upgrading of water networks.


Thematic conferences and seminars focus on the scientific aspect of the processes and issues, offer visitors important moments of updating, analysis, and technical culture in this area. The program includes the IWA international conference "Water Management in Drought, Innovation, and the Digital Challenge", the seminar for presentation of the "ACCADUEO REPORT by Cresme: REPORT ON INNOVATION AND THE MARKET OF WATER DRAWING AND DISPOSAL NETWORKS IN ITALY 2018-2020”, as well as conferences and workshops organized by  ANIE, IATT, IWS, Uniatem, and others.