Smart and sustainable solutions for data acquisition and telecontrol systems. Alto Trevigiano Servizi telemetry system.

Wednesday 17 October 2018
14:00 - 15:00

With over 30 years experience on industrial automation market SENECA boasts collaborations with leading industrial companies all over the world, providing advanced technologies for data acquisition, data transmission with different communication systems, remote assistance, remote control and telemetry based on RTUs and gateways with VPN (Virtual Private Network) secure communication up to the IoT and Cloud computing platform. In Italy, data monitoring for the transport and distribution of water and sewerage networks has to be largely developed, improved and standardized. In this scenario the goal of SENECA is to ensure real-time knowledge of the data available and consequently offer new information and best economic opportunities. Some successful case histories will be presented to the workshop to highlight the effectiveness and the potential of SENECA solutions. In particular, there will be the direct case study from the public utility Alto Trevigiano Servizi.

Speakers: Alessio Siviero (SENECA), Lucio Rossi (Alto Trevigiano Servizi)

ROOM Innovation - Hall 18 SENECA

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