Water4.0 (Digital Water): the evolution of the remote control for the efficiency of the integrated water cycle

Wednesday 17 October 2018
09:30 - 12:30

"Digitization" is an investment driver not only for the Industry 4.0 plans but also for Utility4.0.

When we speak about Water Companies we also talk about Water4.0 (or Digital Water), to indicate how digitization can impact in managing the integrated water cycle.

Since several decades, SCADA and remote systems have become increasingly important for the optimal conduction of aqueducts and waste water.

Today, with extensive connectivity, mobile and wearable devices, Augmented Reality, the Industrial Internet, IIoT, BigData and Analytics, we see an ever-increasing convergence between OT operational  systems and IT systems, designed for reporting and decision support for those who actually run and manage the Utility Company.

In this workshop, we will see how some methodologies, technologies and tools available today may give appreciable results and benefits, with a positive return on investment, innovating and respecting humans and the environment, compressing energy costs, helping to limit water consumption and reducing losses.

Utility Companies, academics and technology suppliers will present practical cases and discuss openly, making their experiences available to the audience of the workshop, ready for an open exchange of ideas and experiences.


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