The measure of TOC on-line to protect the environment and manage optimally the water purification plant: the experience of SORICAL on the dam of the river Alaco

Thursday 18 October 2018
11:00 - 12:00

Among the possible pollutants contained in raw water the organic components (NOM) are particularly critical because in addition to being able to alter the organoleptic characteristics can be combined with the treatment products to form carcinogenic substances. The analysis of TOC (total organic carbon) carried out continuously through the Hach B3500 analyser, specially studied for this purpose, can immediately inform about the presence of NOM in the water to be treated

ROOM Industry Best Practice - Hall 18 HACH

Ing. Maria Serena Gironi, Hach Lange Srl

Dott. Vincenzo Pisani, Sorical Spa

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